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Description of Aragón

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Aragon is an "Autonomous Community" of Spain. Its capital is Zaragoza, and it is made up of three provinces, Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel. Aragon is situated in Northeast Spain. The population of Aragon is 1.300.000 people. The symbols of Aragon are the flag, that is made up of yellow and red stripes and the coat of Arms

Most of the people in Aragon speak Spanish. But in addition to this, in some villages close to Catalonia people speak Catalan and in the north of Huesca province in the Pyrenees people speak Aragonese language. 
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Aragonese Flag and coat of Arms
There are a lot of beautiful landmarks in Aragon. In Huesca province the Pyrinees are very beautiful, especially the Ordesa Valley. The Castle of Loarre is very beautiful also. 

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Castle of Loarre
In Zaragoza province the "La Seo" of Zaragoza and the city of Tarazona are very beautiful, moreover the natural landmark of the "Monasterio de Piedra" worths a visit!

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City of Tarazona
In Teruel province cities like Albarracin or Teruel are very beautiful, there you can sightsee a lot of examples of "Mudejar" architecture, that is considered world heritage. Furthermore you can visit natural landmarks too, like the "Grutas de Cristal" in Molinos. 

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